Growing up in Cordoba

At two years old Ernesto developed asthma, which forced his family to move to Cordoba province, Alta Gracia, where Ernesto spent most of his childhood.
In this family with leftist leanings, Guevara became known for his dynamic and radical perspective even as a boy. Though suffering from the crippling bouts of asthma that were to afflict him throughout his life, he excelled as an athlete. He was an avid rugby player despite his handicap. Guevara learned chess from his father and began participating in local tournaments by the age of 12. During his adolescence he became passionate about poetry, especially that of Pablo Neruda. Guevara, as is common practice among Latin Americans of his class, also wrote poems throughout his life. He was an enthusiastic and eclectic reader, with interests ranging from adventure classics by Jack London and Jules Verne to essays on sexuality by Sigmund Freud and treatises on social philosophy by Bertrand Russell. In his late teens, he developed a keen interest in photography and spent many hours photographing people and places, and during later travels, archaeological sites.

Ernesto (first from the left) with his family in Alta Gracia

Ernesto (first from the left) with the friends in Cordoba province, 1947

Ernesto with his father in 1944
On cycling trip to the north of Argentina
La Poderosa I, Ernesto` s first bike he used for travelling the Argentinian countryside

Playing football (first from the right), Alberto Granada in the center

Day-dreaming on the balcony of family house in Buenos Aires

Maria del Carmen "Chichina" Ferreyra, Ernesto` s first true love. The break up with Chichina was the major reason for Ernesto to start his odysee across Latin America.

Ernesto among the fellow students at the Buenos Aires Medical Institute