Guerillas in Havana

The same day as Santa Clara fell to rebels, Batista escaped the country, and two days later the rear units of Che Guevara entered the city and assumed the command at the Cabana fortress, the largest military installation in the country.
On January 3, 1959, Fidel Castro entered the city. A new page in Cuban history started.

At press conference in Havana, 1959

Fidel and Camilo Cienfuegos, 1949

With Cuban president (middle), and Camilo Cienfuegos (right)

With rebel army officers, 1959

With Aleida March, 1959

Discussing with Fidel, 1959

At the rally in Havana, 1959

On the way to Havana, 1959

Fidel talking to Che in Cabana fortress, 1959

Fidel Castro, 1959

Che and Fidel in Havana, 1959

Che, Fidel and Camilo at rally in Havana, 1959

With daughter Hilda in Havana, 1959

Havana, 1959

Guerillas entering Havana, 1959