Trips Abroad

In June, 1959, Che was send abroad as Cuba` s ambassador at large to establish relations with other countries of the Third World and later on with the Socialist bloc as well.
He was away for 3 months and visited 12 countries.
Later during his service as the President of National Bank, Che visited many more countries and was one of the leading figures in establishing relations with the Soviet Union and in particularly, China.

With the Yugoslav president, Broz Tito

In Chile In Moscow, meeting Yuri Gagarin

Moscow, meeting with N. Krustchev

In Moscow


At the UN, New york, 1964

In Moscow, with N. Krustchev
In the United Nations, New York, 1964

Sightseeing in Moscow, USSR

In Tanzania

In Togo at the snake farm

With the egyptian president, A. Nasser

In Algeria

In North Korea

With the leader of Algerian revolution, Abu ben Bella

In China

With the leader of East Germany
With the egyptian president, A.Nasser

In the West Africa

Meeting Mao Zedung in Beijing

With the egyptian president